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2010 World Cup is about to start: Mock 2.0 (The Group Stage)

by vrabbit on Jun.10, 2010, under Soccer, World Cup 2010

Hello everyone and welcome back to Bay Area Sports Blog. It’s been awhile.

While I will soon give you my thoughts on some Bay Area topics, I feel compelled to finish something I started early in December of last year, and that is taking a shot at guessing how the 2010 World Cup will play out. Breaking news for those of you who have been away from all sources of media outlets for the past month or so: it starts tomorrow.

Six months ago I took a shot at guessing how the World Cup would play out if it started back then. A lot of time has passed since then, and some things have changed while other have stayed the same:

  • Italy, my pick to win it all six months ago, looks hardly ready for their first game, so much that as of this morning they still didn’t know what their starting eleven will be for their debut this coming Monday.
  • Injuries have taken over the headlines prior to the start of this magnificent event: Michael Ballack, David Beckham, Michael Essien, Rio Ferdinand, Luis Carlos Almeida de Cuhna (also known as Nani), and Rene Adler (the young, talented and promising goalkeeper for Germany) among others are out of the event due to injuries. Other such as Didier Drogba, Arjen Robben, and Jozy Altidore look like they will play coming off of recent injuries.
  • Did you think that list of player missing the World Cup was horrible? Check the list of players who will be watching from a TV because they were not selected to their squads’ final 23: Ronaldihno, Juan Roman Riquelme, Esteban Cambiasso, Javier Zanetti, Francesco Totti, Luca Toni, Karim Benzema, Patrick Viera, Ruud Van Nistelrooy. The list goes on and on.
  • Did I say some things have stayed the same? Spain looked like the strongest squad then, and they still do now. In my honest opinion, they are hands-down the best team in this 2010 World Cup, but being the best team doesn’t always equal winning it all.

But enough, this is about me trying my best to predict what will happen within the next month starting tomorrow, so here I go ….

Group A

South Africa v. Mexico: 1-2

Uruguay v. France: 1-2

South Africa v. Uruguay: 2-2

France v. Mexico: 1-1

Mexico v. Uruguay: 3-1

France v. South Africa: 2-2

(1. Mexico, 2. France) Breakdown: Mexico comes into this tournament with arguably their best squad since France ‘98, when they went undefeated in a group that also included a very talented Netherlands team (which finished in 4th place). They lost 1-2 in the Round of 16 against Germany after they led with with 15 minutes left. Mexico possesses a young, fast, and talented front line with great chemistry, along with a mix of veterans and youngsters in the midfield and defense. I expect Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and Guillermo Ochoa to land the starting gigs for this team. France may have stumbled into this tournament, unfairly and all, but they are way too deep and talented not to move on to the next round. Uruguay (good enough talent) or South Africa (host nation) can definitely surprise us and grab one of the two spots. I actually consider this group the hardest one to predict.

Group B

Argentina v. Nigeria: 3-1

South Korea v. Greece: 1-1

Greece v. Nigeria: 0-2

Argentina v. South Korea: 2-1

Nigeria v. South Korea: 1-1

Greece v. Argentina: 1-2

(1. Argentina, 2. Nigeria) Breakdown: Argentina is missing a few stars on their roster, but fortunate for them they still have a team filled with elite players, highlighted by the top player in the world right now: Lionel Messi. I still have a lot of doubts about Maradona’s squad and about whether he can lead them to glory, but I expect them to impress in their first game and then start to run into some trouble in their last two group games, winning by the minimal difference against the bottom two teams of the group. Nigeria backed up an undefeated qualifier stage with a third-place finish in the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, they have the talent to advance in this group and maybe make some noise in the elimination rounds.

Group C

England v. USA: 2-1

Algeria v. Slovenia: 1-2

Slovenia v. USA: 0-2

England v. Algeria: 5-0

Slovenia v. England: 0-1

Algeria v. USA: 1-3

(1. England, 2. USA) Breakdown: I want to say the U.S. can pull off the upset, I really do, but England is just too talented. I won’t be in shock if it happens though. For the purposes of my mock, I think England’s win over the Americans gives them a boost that is reflected in the result of their next game. I expect them to rest some players in the final group game. The United States comes into the tournament with arguably their best squad since they hosted this even back in 1994. Landon Donovan is starting to live up to the expectations, Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore are peaking at the right time, and their secondary players are very underrated. I really, really like the way Edson Buddle’s game compliments Altidore’s, and I hope he plays as a starter from the get-go.

Group D

Germany v. Australia: 2-1

Serbia v. Ghana: 3-2

Germany v. Serbia: 2-1

Ghana v. Australia: 2-2

Ghana v. Germany: 0-2

Australia v. Serbia: 1-2

(1. Germany, 2. Serbia) Breakdown: No injury may affect a team as severely as Essien’s injury affects this Ghana team. He is that much of a difference-maker for the Black Stars. A part of me thinks that their fast-paced game may be able to help them reach the Round of 16, but it’s doubtful. Part of that has been Serbia’s resurgence coming into this tournament. I like Nikola Zigic to start performing up to his potential with his 6′6″ frame in the air game. Germany is being portrayed by some as a non-factor this year, but I don’t buy it. The talent, even without Ballack, is there and they always perform well in the World Cup. Philipp Lahm is the best wingback in the world right now.

Group E

Netherlands v. Denmark: 3-1

Japan v. Cameroon: 1-2

Netherlands v. Japan: 3-0

Cameroon v. Denmark: 2-1

Denmark v. Japan: 1-0

Cameroon v. Netherlands: 1-3

(1. Netherlands, 2. Cameroon) Breakdown: I really underestimated the Dutch six months ago, they have the talent to go deep in this tournament. Their offense is as explosive as anyone’s and their defense can hang with the best of the best. Robin Van Persie is a strong candidate for the Golden Boot. I’m not as confident in Cameroon as I was six months ago, but I still think they move on over weaker opponents in Denmark and Japan. Even though I pick Denmark to beat Japan, don’t be surprised if the opposite happens.

Group F

Italy v. Paraguay: 1-1

New Zealand v. Slovakia: 1-2

Slovakia v. Paraguay: 1-1

Italy v. New Zealand: 3-2

Slovakia v. Italy: 2-2

Paraguay v. New Zealand: 2-0

(1.Paraguay, 2. Italy) Breakdown: say hello to the tiebreaker system folks, I have three teams with five points in this group. Paraguay notches first place on +2 goal differential, while Italy and Slovakia both have +1, but Italy advances because they have more goals scored. I consider Slovakia to be a very underrated team that could be one of the surprises of the stage-group, and I don’t think either of these three teams really has enough to pull away from the other two. (Italy should be superior, but they are stumbling coming into this tournament). For purposes of the mock though, Paraguay wins the group and Italy moves on as well.

Group G

Ivory Coast v. Portugal: 2-2

Brasil v. North Korea: 4-0

Brasil v. Ivory Coast: 2-1

Portugal v. North Korea: 2-0

North Korea v. Ivory Coast: 1-3

Portugal v. Brasil: 1-2

(1. Brazil, 2. Ivory Coast) Breakdown: it pains me to write this, it really does because I’ve always rooted for Portugal, but in this case the tie-breaker favors Les Elephants. Ah, when I first heard of Drogba’s injury my initial reaction was to think their chances were done, but then I realized that even without him they are still the best African team in the tournament. Easily. Even if Drogba isn’t able to play at all in the group stage, I consider Nani’s loss to Portugal more serious than Drogba’s to Ivory Coast. Cristiano Ronaldo has yet to shine in the big stage while donning the Portuguese jersey and I’m not sure if he’ll be able to break out of that funk this summer with all the weight of Portugal on his shoulders. He may end up proving doubters like me wrong, and I would be delighted if that were to happen. As for this mock though, Ivory Coast advances with Brasil to the Round of 16.

Group H

Honduras v. Chile: 1-3

Spain v. Switzerland: 3-0

Chile v. Switzerland: 2-1

Spain v. Honduras: 3-1

Switzerland v. Honduras: 1-2

Chile v. Spain: 1-2

(1. Spain, 2. Chile) Breakdown: it was hard for me to have Spain beating Chile, because regardless of the fact that I think the Spanish have the best team in tournament, I think Chile has enough talent and coaching to give Del Bosque’s team some problems. Regardless, I’m still picking Chile as my surprise team in this tournament. In this scenario a match-up with Brazil in the Round of 16 should be really interesting, as both teams know each other very well.


I’m breaking this mock into two parts, the second part will be up shortly. Enjoy it, and comments are always welcomed!

2 Comments for this entry

  • Gabriel Arteaga

    These are the only groups I had problems with on your prediction:

    Group A Diego/Mine()
    South Africa v. Mexico: 1-2 (1-1)
    Uruguay v. France: 1-2 (2-1)
    South Africa v. Uruguay: 2-2 (1-2)
    France v. Mexico: 1-1 (0-2)
    Mexico v. Uruguay: 3-1 (1-2)
    France v. South Africa: 2-2 (2-1)

    Group G
    Ivory Coast v. Portugal: 2-2 (1-2)
    Brasil v. North Korea: 4-0 (3-0)
    Brasil v. Ivory Coast: 2-1 (2-1)
    Portugal v. North Korea: 2-0 (2-1)
    North Korea v. Ivory Coast: 1-3 (2-3)
    Portugal v. Brasil: 1-2 (2-2)

  • vrabbit

    really riding that Uruguay pick, are we?

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